Arboria Library Cover.jpg

Arboria Library

5th Year Project
When: Fall 2014 & pring 2015
What: Library on the first 4 floors, high-end condos on the top 2 floors.
Where: Norman, Oklahoma... in 2050

StudyHUB Cover.jpg


4th Year 2nd Semester
When: pring 2014
What: Study Hub (duh)
Where: Norman, Oklahoma

Missouri Midpoint Cover.jpg

Missouri Midpoint

4th Year 1st Semester
When: all 2013
What: Mixed Use Building
Where: Kansas City, Missouri

Ara Pacis Museum Cover.jpg

Ara Pacis Museum

3rd Year 2nd Semester
When: pring 2013
What: Museum
Where: Rome, Italy

Yukon Municipal Complex Cover.jpg

Yukon Municipal Complex

3rd Year 1st Semester
When: all 2012
What: Office
Where: Yukon, Oklahoma